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Flyball is a head to head relay race consisting of two teams, a Flyball box and a ball!

The aim of the sport is for each individual dog (4 per team) to pass through a set of sensor gates, jump over four hurdles, trigger the flyball box to release a ball, catch the ball and then return over all four jumps carrying said ball. Then allowing the next dog to pass, nose to nose, into the lane via the sensor gate. All the while an opposing team is doing the very same in the other lane. Each team trying to complete the sequence, cleanly, in the fastest time possible

Training Venue

We train on a Wednesday evening from 18:45 - 21:00 at 

Keresley Rugby Club  

Burrow Hill Lane



CV7 8BE 

 New Members always Welcome please use contact page for more info

 (Weather Permitting)

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Sunday 9th Sept 11:00 - 16:00

SPEAR Equine & Animal Rescue

Wolverton Road

Norton Lindsey


CV35 8JL




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Esslay Flyball Photography


Esslay Flyball Photography

Dog Biographies


Jack is 12yrs young and has been competing at flyball for 4yrs, he is a rescue collie kept in a crate for his first 6mths of life, then a pound, then a flat, then in a vets due PTS by age of 1yr 😣 he has been a constant companion of Lisa ever since, competing in Obedience, Working Trials & Fun Agility before finding his passion for Flyball, he is still full of running and can be a little hard to hold back when racing at times!!


Lisa spotted Gracie a Spanish rescue 2yrs ago at around 10wks old, she was found in a bin bag at the side of the road, this has not affected her in anyway bar turning her into a complete  Diva!! She can do flyball ...whether she chooses to do it on the day is entirely in the paws of Lady Muck! She is a delight to own and is great with everyone & everything.


Reuben is an almost 5mth old rescue collie, he is bonkers!! Owned by Lisa he is coming on nicely, he does lovely run backs to a tugger and fetches a tennis ball, he is extremely clever & easy to train but we are only recently discovering where the batteries go!! Now we do get sleepytimes in between the playing & zoomies 😁


 Bonnie started flyball in 2015, she is a 5 year working cocker spaniel owned by Paul. Her first ever competition was a couple of months after she started flyball where she was a member of a team that won their division at the BFA Outdoor Champs. Since then she has competed regularly as the Trailblazers height dog and is now approaching her BFA Silver Award for 10,000 points.  Bonnie must be one of the easiest dogs to handle as she really is “point and shoot”, you let her go and when you turn around she is there with the ball, rarely ever making an error. 



Birch is a 2 year old working cocker spaniel owned and raced by Paul. Birch comes from the same bloodline as Bonnie, as in human terms Bonnie would be his aunty. He has been competing in open competition for a year in April and has gained his BFA Flyball Dog Graduate award having reached 3,000 points, running as the start dog for the Trailblazers team.  


Olly (a.k.a. Ginja Ninja) is a Working Cocker Spaniel who is nearly 4 yrs old, owned and ran by Lina. Right from day one he was obsessed with a ball, which is why he was introduced to flyball.  He started training at 10 months, and when he was 13 months he took part in his first competition in starters, and has been competing in open since he was 2.5 yrs.  Because he is such a sensitive little boy he can be easily spooked which sometimes affects his racing. But hopefully more work on confidence building will help with his issues. Both Olly and Lina love the sport...Olly because he just wants and lives for his tennis ball, and Lina because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing her dog having so much fun. 


Scout is a 10 month old Sprocker Spaniel. He is owned, trained and will be ran by Lina. He was rehomed at 10 weeks as the people who bought him from the breeder had changed their minds about having a puppy, but they didn't want him to go back to the breeder, so decided to put him into rescue. He is a very confident and loving  little boy who just loves to please. He is very quick and light on his feet, so by the time he is old enough to go into open he will be a speedy little boy.


Lucy is 8yrs old and has been doing flyball for 2.5yrs, she was very nervous of everyone & everything flyball at first but the team took things slowly & tapping into her love of a tennis ball Lucy is now competing in open comps, due to previous agility training she watches Tracy  sometimes at the line but we are working on her running away to the box & this is going very well. 


Sky is owned by Tracy and is the sister of Storm, she is 21mths old &  loving her flyball, Tracy has worked very hard with Sky's box work & running back with her ball, we have a little crossover work to do now as she likes to say hi to the passing dog but she will soon be doing an intermediates comp to ensure she is ready & then into open, Sky is still only young so we dont like to rush these things.


Storm is owned by Cat and is a 21mth old blue merle Border Collie, he is the brother to Sky.  Storm has been doing obedience training from 7.5wks old and started flyball training as soon as he was able, he is very fast and at first was like a bull in a china shop, jumps and people would scatter in the lanes, he has now learnt to calm it down and Cat has been working very hard at his boxturn. He is getting better and better and work will continue on his back end and boxwork, he has started competing in open this year and is doing very well, whilst liking start dog he has proved to be fairly versatile with his running order, he is still young so still has lots to learn. Storm lives with his best buddy Teegan and travels well with his other bossy best friend Gracie. 


Teegan is owned by Cat and is 4yrs old, she is a lovely rescue GSD who was rehomed at 13wks due to not meeting the old owners 'guard dog' standards!! Her start has meant she was taught to bark at everything - she isn't aggressive is more a nervous thing. Teegan has done obedience which has helped alot with her flyball, she has a great box turn for a large dog which is even better at training, Cat has worked extremely hard with Teegan over the past 2yrs and Teegan now competes in intermediates with just extra verbal commands by the box - we are determined to get her into open one day. Teegan lives with her best friend Storm. 


Sam is owned by John & is a 9yr old Fox Red Labrador Retriever, he moved from Gun Dog Retrieving to Flyball about 4yrs ago & has been competing in open for over 3yrs. Sam lives with Ash who is also on the team, they love each others' company & water!  If Sam has a fault it may be his obsession with tennis balls, which sometimes means he comes back with more balls in his mouth than he should!


Ash is owned by John and is a 7yr old Yellow Labrador Retriever, she is half Sister to Sam, initially not as keen on flyball as Sam she has shown some vast improvement recently, Ash is the only dog we know to do a sitting start & she loves flirting with the opposition.  Ash also loves to play, swim & mug people for treats!!


Lexi is owned by Angie and is a 6yr old Collie - Lexi is very fast and we are working on perfecting her boxturn, she does like a tennis ball abit too much & if in the blue lane can get carried away collecting from the other teams box. Lexi and Jack have a love hate relationship and run very well together - (think kids on blue smarties) Lexie lives with Piper, Kai and a blind collie called Jess.


Kai is owned by Hannah/Angie and is a 5yr old AkitaxGSDxCollie, Kai is a lovely boy who runs in our starter team, he isnt too keen on smaller breeds so he will stay where he is happy, he has a lovely boxturn and runs well with Teegan, Kai lives with Piper, Lexie and a blind Collie called Jess


 Piper  is owned by Hannah and is 5mths old - she is a little rescue collie who is the sister to Reuben, she is a little character who loves to play, is doing great with her run backs, loves a tennis ball which is a bonus and is doing some great flat shute work, Piper lives with Kai and Lexie and a blind collie called Jess. 


Bear is owned by Angies Mom and is being trained by our youngest member Lily who is 8yrs old, Bear is an 9mth old StaffiexDachshund - he is very sweet and fast, we are working on perfecting his recall to a tugger and his run backs plus some flat shute work, Lily is very determined and loves to come and support the team when we race. 


Brogan is owned by Jenny and Ella, she is a 10mth old Staffordshire Bull Terrier,  she was born in Bristol and comes from a long line of champion pedigrees…not that you can tell from her clown behaviour! Brogan loves to make people laugh and has a great ability to learn tricks – we hope this will translate into her doing well in flyball! Brogan has been doing flyball for around 4mths? She is doing great runbacks over small foam jumps, loves her tuggy and is doing well with her shute/boxturn training.  As a family, we’re all new to flyball so we can’t wait to learn all about it and see Brogan progress over the coming months. 



Poppy is a 5yr old rescue springer spaniel, Poppy was very worried when she was first adopted but has gained tons of confidence and can move fairly quickly when she wants to, Poppy is usually ran by Jamie but has also been fab when Nicky and Jamie's son Doug has took a turn, Poppy lives with Lollie and the lovely JJ. 


 Lollie is a 6yr old springer spaniel owned by Nicky, she is super lovely and really enjoys her flyball, once you line her up she is ready to go, she rarely puts a foot wrong and is a very consistant member of the team - Lollie lives with Poppy and JJ. 


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Trailblazers - BFA Div 14 Outdoor Champs Winners 2018

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